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New BabyRice Baby Casting Kit 3D Plaster Hand print Footprint Hand Foot Casts


All the materials are included in this kit to make beautiful lifelike casts of your baby's hands/feet and paint them in the metallic finish colour as pictured.

Every single print, wrinkle and line detail of your baby's hands/feet is captured, you'll be totally amazed at the detailed result and you will treasure your casts forever more...

BABY KEEPSAKE GIFT:  We are only too aware of how quickly babies soon grow and it's hard to imagine just how small they once were.  By taking casts of their tiny feet and/or hands, you will always have a memento/keepsake of that special time.  A Baby Casting Kit makes an ideal keepsake present for any new parent and grandparents and is a great choice for a Baby Shower Gift, Christening Gift or Baby Naming Ceremony gift for example. Do note that this kit is for the basic materials only & paint finish, so if you are considering purchasing one of these kits for a gift, then you would need to gift-wrap/pack it accordingly.

ALGINATE & PLASTER MATERIALS:  This fabulous value baby casting kit contains plenty of BabyRice's high grade colour change (chromatic) alginate impression powder - which is totally safe for use on your baby as the alginate's main ingredient is seaweed!  (Dentists use this exact same alginate in their patient's mouths, it conforms to British safety standards BS 4269 Pt.2:1991 & ISO 1563:1990).  There's 500g pack per kit, which is nearly double than some other kits - this 500g amount will make approx. up to 6 casts of a tiny newborn baby or 2-3 casts for a 2-3 year old.  Plus there's 800g of strong, stone casting plaster - again, double than what some other kits are offering.  All materials can be bought separately in our eBay shop should you wish to purchase more for additional casts. 

THE PROCESS:  3D casting will produce amazing results and the effort is more than worth it, we promise!  You will definitely need a helper to assist you (some people find that having a 2nd helper makes the process even easier, but this is up to you) and with the help of our instructions that come with the kit you will be able to produce some great casts.  Your baby does not need to be sleeping to take the moulds, but we do suggest that if your baby is too wriggly during the first attempt of making a mould, then to wait until they're fast asleep before trying again (this suggestion is in our instructions).  By doing this, you should avoid wasting too much of the alginate and get some perfect moulds!  A brief pictorial guide is given below for you: 


BABY CASTING KIT comprises of the following:

  • 500g Colour change (chromatic) dental grade Alginate 

  • 800g High Grade Casting Plaster 

  • Metallic Paint (chosen from the above paint colour options)

  • Artists Paintbrush

  • And of course, easy to follow instructions!


PACKING:  This item is for the materials only of a 3D baby casting kit – therefore, to keep costs down, the contents of this kit are packed into a clear polybag and then sent in a standard mailing sack. It is NOT gift-wrapped! If you are purchasing this item as a gift for someone, then you would need to gift-wrap it, or pop it into a nice ready-made gift-bag. 

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