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Baby Infant Monthly Growth Milestone Blanket

Material: polyester cotton
Size 100 * 100cm
260 grams each is relatively thick and impervious to organic purity and natural softness-we use baby blankets-organic, non-toxic, soft and comfortable-made our "eternal love" milestone blanket, made of hypoallergenic and sustainable materials. Made of super soft organic cotton, it gently cares for your baby's delicate skin, and through endless washing, it is super durable.
Stylish and practical-Moms from all over the country recommend our milestone blankets for baby pictures. Suitable for any baby girl or boy. Personalize each milestone photo to personalize your baby. There is plenty of space (47 "x 47") to add items like cute toys or favorite toys.
Multi-Purpose Baby Blanket-You will find the use of your organic milestone blanket. It is also very suitable for baby blankets, nappies, nursing towels, stroller covers, play mats, etc. 

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